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Exercise: the physical way to get "Back in Shape"

ExerciseSay the word "exercise" to me and I'm instantly catapulted back to the monotonous drag of Thursday morning PE lessons in school; slopping round a muddy football pitch on a cold day, hiding behind the sporty-looking kids to avoid the ball, and getting my calves whacked with a hockey stick. It wasn't fun for me then so why would it be any fun for me now?

Well, those activities wouldn't be for me – I've built up too much of a negative perception of these things to change all that now. Many people probably think the same where exercise is concerned; it's miserable and you have to do too much of it to do any good. Well, that isn't strictly true, even if it feels like it is.

How much exercise do I need to do each week?

Shake off the past and look at the evidence. The simple fact is that mild to moderate physical activity, taken regularly, is the best way to a healthier and happier life and we should aim to do a minimum of 30 minutes at least five times a week.

Five times a week!!! Yes, and it's actually easier than you think since you don't have to do the whole ½ hour in one go. You could do three blocks of 10 minutes spread throughout the day and still reap the rewards because it's the combined duration that matters. This is excellent news and a fantastic reason to go shopping! Stride purposefully down the high street and round the shops and that workout will pass in no time... and you won't even realise you're doing it!

This is very good advice. You can fit a 10 minute workout into other daily activities such as walking the dog or doing some housework with the stereo turned up. The important thing is to remember to keep the activity mild to moderate.

What is mild to moderate physical activity?

Mild to moderate physical activity is relative to your current level of fitness. Jogging a mile in ten minutes would be pretty easy for an Olympic long-distance runner but for me it would be nigh on impossible! To gauge if you're doing things right, your activity should be just strenuous enough to make you a bit warm and sweaty and a bit breathless. So if your pace makes you feel like you're actually doing something while still being able to hold a reasonable conversation (be it in shorter sentences), you're on the right track.

"Back in Shape" exercise tips

  • ExerciseStart slowly – you won't get a model body after one manic workout. If you haven't done much activity for some time, it's important to build up to the recommended activity level over a few weeks. This might mean starting with a gentle 5 minute walk.
  • Warm up and stretch before (and after) exercise to prevent pulled muscles.
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water. During exercise our bodies get hot, and sweat to cool down, which means we lose fluid. On average, we lose one litre of fluid for every hour we exercise so aim to drink a glass of water 15 minutes before your workout, and then another small glass every 15 minutes during.
  • Make sure that working out is fun and fits into your life. You don't need exercise machines or gyms to get fitter. Walking the dog, jogging on the spot while you watch TV, gardening and even shopping can be a workout AND fit into your daily routine. Just make sure that you include a variety of activities so you don't get bored doing the same thing day in and day out.
  • Involve your friends. There is no law that says working out has to be an individual activity. Go for a walk with a family member, go for a bike ride with your significant other, or hit the shops with your bezzie mate. Make it fun and include the people you care about and it will help keep you motivated.

Final words - STICK WITH IT!  That's the most important thing about exercising for a healthy lifestyle. Once you begin, keep going and you'll soon find that exercising makes you feel great; you'll burn calories, tone your muscles (leaner looking body, anyone?), and you're energy levels will go through the roof.

My "Back in Shape" exercise regime

As I'm eating a sensible and calorie controlled diet, I'll also be working out with easy, no-fuss exercise.

I've never been a gym-bunny, and I don't ever foresee me becoming one either, so I'm going to get active doing things I perceive as being more 'convenient'. To start off with, I'll be doing bouts of 15 minutes and gradually build up to about 45 minutes (that's the plan anyway).

My exercise of choice is jogging on the spot while holding a can of beans in each hand and watching TV! Hey, I watch TV every night anyway, and jogging doesn't require any fancy equipment (you just stand up and do it!) so why not? I’ll be burning calories and toning my jiggly bits and the TV will keep me amused.

I'll also be using the aforementioned cans of beans as makeshift weights; a few reps of various arm-lifts should see those bingo-wings running for the hills!

July 2011: Now I have lost almost a stone in weight, I really want to ramp-up my exercise regime and start toning my wobbly bits, so I have started doing a daily aerobics DVD. The one I have chosen is 5 Step Fat Attack with Claire Richards from 'Steps', mainly because I like Steps music and previously followed Claire's weight gain, and weight loss, in the media. Go to my July diet and progress diary to watch a video about this DVD.

How many calories will I burn?

Jogging on the spot = 150 calories per 15 minutes

Past visitors have left the following comments:

Stevie-Ray, 22 May 2011

An easy one to fit in while walking the dog is walking briskly for 15 minutes over level ground - it burns about 75 calories.

I go to and from the park that way every day so that's 150 calories for the full 30 minutes.

Maria O., 19 Jun 2011

I've been taking brisk walks on my lunch break at work. I can make it around the block in about 15 minutes and if I am feeling up to it, I will go around again, so there are a few calories gone!

Steve, 11 Nov 2011

Love the Jem pics!

Tina, 20 Jan 2012

Very interesting and informative site!

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