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Last updated: March 15th, 2012  
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Onwards... (week 21+)

Well, I've kept quite a comprehensive log over the last five months, and so far, the message is clear; healthy diet and exercise really is the best way to tackle weight-loss safely and effectively - just see my weight loss progress chart for proof.

I know I should maybe work a little harder on exercise, but I think I've got the healthy-eating aspected sorted. For this reason, I've decided to stop logging my daily food intake so rigidly - I'll just keep doing what I know (see the May to August diet and progress diary for reference), and maybe throw in a few new recipes as I make them.

I will however continue to keep track of things in this continuing "week 21+" section by noting down more observations and changes in my physical, personal and emotional life, so keep checking back for updates, both here, and in the gallery.

Noticable differences after 20 weeks...

  • I've had to bite the bullet and invest in a complete new wardrobe, now upto 2 sizes smaller; All hail (King) George of Asda and long live supermarket-chic!
  • The majority of my starting weight was round my lower body but now I can report the beginnings of the loss of "back fat" - one inch tighter on the bra clasp, if you please.
  • I am sleeping very well and am not snoring as much as maybe I once was ...not that I snored much anyway (ehem).
  • I'm getting some noticable up-down looks from collegues, but not many vocalised weight-loss comments yet.

Noticable differences after 24 weeks...

  • My waist has shrunk by another half an inch (about six inches lost in total from my middle)
  • I've lost another half an inch from my hips (about three and a half inches lost from there in total now)
  • I'm getting a few "you've lost weight" comments from work collegues, who've been too timid to say anything til now.
  • I am feeling lots more confident, which I think is mainly down to my fab new wardrobe!
  • I am wearing mid-heel height shoes every day and the balls of my feel are not feeling sore at all.

One of the nicest feelings was when my boyfriend hugged me the other day and said how tiny my waist was getting. He thinks that slimming from 36 inches to 30 inches is quite an achievement! (And I do too)

Noticable differences after 28 weeks...

  • Eating smaller portions has definitely become second-nature and I don't need to think about serving-size so much.
  • Friends are now revealing their true opinions about my old weight; "You look much better than before" and "You had put on rather a lot of weight but we didnt want to say anything" are the kind of things I'm hearing.
    Not that I'm offended. In fact, their honesty about their concerns for my old weight just reinforces my willpower to never slip back into bad habits.
  • Shopping off the rack has become much easier - there's just so much more choice in smaller sizes! Although this opens up a wealth of shopping opportunities, it could become a problem if I don't watch the spending.
  • I feel much more feminine; I am no longer embarrassed to wear a skirt as my emerging waist suits the girly look.

Noticable differences after 32 weeks...

There isn't much news to report after these last four weeks apart from on a routine doctors visit where he said he didn't need to weigh me because I "looked normal".

I admit I've been slacking somewhat in the run up to Christmas, but even though my eating habits are a little more relaxed, I've still managed to lose 1.½ pounds and my waist feels a little tighter (not sure how).

I imagine my feedback at the end of the next four weeks will be more of the same - I'm going to enjoy my Christmas food, just not go silly. If I want a mince pie, I'll have one instead of two. Same goes for glasses of wine and stuffing balls!

The plan is to resume full healthy eating mode come January 1st, but I'll let you know how that goes...

Noticable differences after 36 weeks...

The plan failed temporarily (see that little spike in the weight loss progress chart? damn you Christmas goodies!), but I am now back on track. So, although the 2 weeks around Christmas and New Year saw the podging of 5 whole pounds, I can now use this blip to reflect on my altered eating habits and identify my "damage" foods.

  1. Damage Food #1 - White bread
    I ate loads of the stuff, in various guises, with various inclusions (olives, fruit, herbs, oils, etc.). It's a shame because I love it, but unfortunately I think I've developed a bit of an intollerance, as indicated by terrible stomach cramps in the early hours of each morning that followed a white-bready dinner. My stomach bloated out by 3 inches over the festive fortnight too. I'll be sticking to moderate amounts of granary from now on - that at least doesn't give me a poorly, podgy tum.
  2. Damage Food #2 - Alcohol
    OK, I'm not a lush but I did get through a fair few bottles with my sister et al - red and white Bergerac, Bucks Fizz and sparkling Astis, not to mention warming mulled varieties and Babycham (you've got to have Babycham at Christmas). I also drank some generous measures of Baileys Irish Cream, sweet Sherry and Advocaat, sometimes topped with non-diet mixers such as lemonade, so these have got to be major contributors to my short term weight gain. Normally I don't drink so I can safely lock the drinks cabinet for another year without feeling like I'm missing out.
  3. Damage Food #3 - Chocolate
    Oh God, the chocolate. Again, I'm not usually a big chocolate fan and just enjoy the occasional square of Galaxy, but Christmas brings about all those limited edition stocking fillers that people seem compelled to buy me... and all in the Galaxy range (groan... remind me never to mention that I like Galaxy again!) I ate some, shared some and gave some away so this is why chocolate is listed at number 3 in my "damage" foods list.
  4. Damage Food #4 - Cheese and Crackers
    It comes but once a year. What, Christmas? Well, yes, but also the festive variety cheese platter with cheese biscuits and crackers! I remember eating wonderfully tangy white stilton and apricot, gorgeous wensleydale with cranberries, and an interesting chili number. Needless to say, this is not something I enjoy frequently. I do eat a reduced-fat mature cheddar on toast, on occasion, but I eat that about twice a month (once a week tops) so no biggie.
  5. Damage, Food #5 - Butter, Cream and Oil
    When I cook I make healthy choices, but a family Christmas means that other, less mindful, persons inevitably find themselves taking a turn in front of the stove, which unfortunately also means the addition of butter, cream and oil (and lashings of it too) that is very hard to avoid without offending anyone. Needless to say, this is not something that I fall foul of every day of the year, so once I'm back in front of the stove, I'm back in charge and eating all the low-fat food choices again!

Noticable differences after 40 weeks...

The Christmas excess is melting away and I'm now almost back to my pre-festive weight. The tummy-bloat has gone too - it was actually gone after only one week off the white bread! "Damage" food indeed.

I don't actually have anything new to report from a weight perspective but I do have another observation to share...

Natural yogurt - cleans your teaspoons and your teeth
For the past 6 months I've been eating natural yogurt, with either pineapple or strawberries, and granola for breakfast. I always eat this at my desk with the same teaspoon - the same teaspoon infact that I use throughout the day in my mug of tea. Now, prior to my yogurt breakfasts, the teaspoon was suffering from a heavy case of tea-fur syndrome. It was badly stained with tannin from being sat in unfinished cups of tea all day and I only ever subjected it to a daily swish in soapy dishwater, which never got it dazzling again. 6 months on, it's mysteriously sparkly. The teaspoon still sits in a half-full mug of cold tea for 8 hours every day - the only difference is that for 5 minutes every morning, it feeds me yogurty goodness.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I went to the dentist and instead of doing his usual annual routine with the whizzy brush and polish, he just did a quick flash around with the mirror and sent me on my way. I asked him when I was going to get a scale and polish and he told me that I didn't need it because my teeth were perfectly clean!!!! Coincidence? Hhhmmmm... Could my daily mastication of (very slightly) acidic natural yogurt coupled with abrasive granola be the answer to eternal pearly whites? My teaspoon and dentist seem to think so!

Noticable differences after 44 weeks...

  • I had to ask my dad to punch a few more holes into all of my belts as I've lost another inch from my waist - that's 7 inches gone since last May and I now have a 29 inch waist!
  • I've lost about another half an inch from my hips too, although I haven't measured them for a while so I'm not sure exactly what they are in inches at the moment - about 4 inches gone since last May though.

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Lucy, 24 Oct 2011

WOW 6 inches off your waist. That is amazing!

I wish I had the willpower to stick to something like this.

You are an inspiration to us all.

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