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Back in Shape Target

  11st ½lb / BMI 24.93

Ideal Target Weight

 • 10st / BMI 22.59

Current Weight

 • 10st 12lbs / BMI 24.53

Start Weight

 • 13st 4.½lbs / BMI 30.10

Weight Loss So Far...     [+]

 • 2st 6.½lbs (or 34.½lbs)

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Let's get "Back in Shape" for JemCon!

Webmaster BobNovember, 2011: I have reached my "Back in Shape" target weight and my BMI is now under 25. I am very happy to be back to a healthy weight and will now press on with reaching my personal target of 10 stone (140 pounds)!

September, 2011: JemCon 2011 came and went and by all accounts it was a huge success. Sadly, I was unable to attend [humph]. Also, I didn't quite reach my "Back in Shape" 11 stone target weight (I fell short by 5 measly pounds), but I still shed almost 28 pounds over 20 weeks!

My Body Mass Index (BMI) has been reduced considerably and at 25.66, is now almost a healthy 25; Yipee! I only need to lose another 5 pounds before I get there! Of course, teetering on that golden 25 BMI target figure is not a comfortable place to be so I intend to extend my efforts until I fall smack-bang in the middle of the 'normal' BMI range - somewhere close to 22 would suit me fine. My revised, ideal target weight is 10 stone (or 140 pounds) and the numbers on the lower-left of the site have since been updated to reflect this.

Please keep checking in on me to see how I'm getting along via my ongoing weight loss progress chart and take a look at my benchmark photographs in the gallery for 'downsizing' comparisons as I continue on my quest.

Webmaster BobMay, 2011: With only five months to go until the first European JemCon event towards the end of September, thoughts of the JemCon 2011 costume masquerade have been buzzing through my head.

On the upside, I've been thinking of all the great costumes and character combinations I could possibly dress as; the glitzy fabrics, the dazzling sequins, the brightly coloured tights! However, on the downside, I've also been dreading another wave of snap-happy photographers, who are all-too-eager to upload un-vetted, unflattering photographs of me; you know the ones... the flash comes before you remember to suck in your belly!

Well, I'm not making excuses and I know I could do a lot more than I currently do to shift a few pounds - I'm 5' 6", and a cuddly 13+ stone, so I can afford to lose some weight to bring me back down into the recommended 'normal' Body Mass Index (BMI) range of 18.5 to 25. Using the calculations below, my BMI is currently 30.10, and borderline obese, so I need to drop about 32 pounds.

BMI Calculation

Imperial BMI Formula:  BMI = ( Weight in Pounds / ( Height in inches x Height in inches ) ) x 703
Metric BMI Formula:  BMI = ( Weight in Kilograms / ( Height in Meters x Height in Meters ) )

Alternatively, you can use an online BMI calculator to find out your own BMI.

Follow along with me

JemCon 2012Like me, I expect there are other potential attendees out there who also fall into the same "cuddly" weight bracket. So, I'm putting my backside on the line (literally) by documenting my weight loss programme via this website.

I'll be recording my journey by logging my diet progress and exercise regime, along with some tasty, low-calorie recipes for you to try too.

I'm happy to say that my sister and dad are both supporting me on this venture and are also joining in. I hope you will follow along too and we can all lose weight and get "Back in Shape" ready for JemCon 2012 together!

I don't expect any astoundingly dramatic celebrity weight-loss results, but if we can lose a bit of excess body-fat, both safely and sensibly, all of us can be on course for a fitter, healthier life.

My 5 main reasons for getting "Back in Shape"

  1. Look better in my clothes!
  2. More energy
  3. More self-esteem
  4. A healthier life
  5. A longer life

Get in touch with me

While you're browsing around this website, you'll find many pages have a space where you can leave your comments. If you have any suggestions or helpful tips, feel free to pass them along, either directly on the pages themselves or via my online contact form.